White Lily® Products

Whether your Nana used White Lily® Flour or you’re just finding us for the first time, our products have long been praised as the “secret ingredient” of professional bakers and home cooks alike. When you bake with White Lily®, the go-to pantry staple for generations of Southern cooks, you’re baking with history, tradition, and love.

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White Lily® Traditional Flour

We recommend always having a spare bag of White Lily® Flour in the cabinet! Milled from 100% soft red winter wheat, White Lily® Flour is versatile and your go-to variety for most baking projects. Perfect for creating light-textured and fluffy baked goods - from irresistible cakes and cookies to flaky pie crusts and biscuits.

White Lily® Cornmeal Mixes

Proudly sourced in the USA and made with natural corn oil and a touch of White Lily® Flour, our Cornmeal Mixes are ground from whole kernels of white corn for the richest flavor possible. Use for crowd-pleasing corn muffins, cornbread, dressings and more!