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The White Lily® Difference

When it comes to baking, it all starts with flour. White Lily® Flour is milled from 100% soft red winter wheat once grown primarily in the South. Whereas conventional all-purpose flours have a higher protein content, White Lily® Flour is finer in texture with lower protein content, which makes for fluffier biscuits, the softest cookies, and the most tender cakes.

White Lily®Fluffy Biscuits

Fluffy, flaky, and flavorful! Our Light and Fluffy Biscuits recipe makes it as easy as ever for you to make the perfect homemade Southern biscuit.

White Lily® Soft Cookies

You’re going to have to put a lock on the cookie jar! White Lily® Flour creates a higher rise in baked goods, so your cookies always bake up soft and fluffy, just the way they should be.

White Lily® Tender Cakes

Our fine-textured flour creates a light, airy crumb structure so baking tall, tender, and moist cakes, is a piece of cake!

Discover the Difference with White Lily®

When you bake with White Lily®, the go-to pantry staple for generations of Southern cooks, you’re baking with history, tradition, and love.