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A Southern Staple Since 1883

White Lily® is more than just an ingredient – it is a Southern pantry staple, a passed-down secret, and the foundation upon which perfect biscuits and cornbread are created.  

Founded in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1883, White Lily® Flour is milled from 100% soft red winter wheat, which has a lower protein content and a finer texture than conventional all-purpose flours. These features ensure delicate pastries like biscuits achieve a higher rise and flaky, fluffy, pillowy-like texture.

Our cornmeal is ground from whole kernels of white corn and blended with just a touch of flour, for a distinct flavor and a uniquely Southern baking experience.

With a long heritage of being the first choice in family kitchens and world-class restaurants alike, our products ensure the most delicious-tasting food and the best baking experience. When you bake with White Lily®, you’re baking with history, tradition, and love.

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