Caitlyn Jarvis, pastry chef at Henrietta Red; Nashville, TN

“Growing up, baking was something my mom and grandma and I did together. I think my mom thought it would be a hobby—but I took it a little further! I’ve worked in all sorts of places, from fine dining restaurants to homestyle Southern bakeries, like Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah. And no matter what there’s always been a bag of White Lily® flour around.”

“I like to call my style “modern grandma.” I get excited about taking dishes I grew up with—things like pretzel Jell-O salad or Watergate salad—and finding ways to freshen them up or elevate them using local produce or homemade vinegar and sauces we make in house. There’s still nostalgia about them, but they’re more than that too.”

“My mom has always been my inspiration. When I was a kid she was up for trying anything that seemed fun. It was a real blessing. One of her specialties was soft pretzels—she always served them with what she called her “poor man’s seafood stew,” which had a combo of New Orleans and Maryland flavors—a real Southern melting pot. They’re still one of my favorite things to make at home.”