At White Lily, we love tradition—but that doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes get an itch to stir things up. For instance, take our favorite pancakes: butter and maple syrup will always be the classic finishing touch—but there’s also a wide world of tempting toppings out there waiting to be discovered. Here are eight of our favorites, to inspire you through every season.



Made from sorghum (not sugar) cane, this sweet, toasty molasses-like syrup is maple syrup’s Southern cousin. The family behind Tennessee’s Muddy Pond Sorghum have been making theirs the old-fashioned way since the 1960s. Want to give it a try? These days, the liquid gold is available online with just the click of a button.

Peanut Butter and Banana

This classic sweet-and-salty combo is famously the choice of kings – or at least the choice of the King. Why not shake up your pancake routine and give it a shot? To make a pourable peanut butter syrup, combine a cupful of smooth peanut butter in a saucepan along with 2 tablespoons of sugar, ½ cup of milk, and a splash of vanilla extract and warm over medium heat, stirring constantly, until silky. Spoon over pancakes with sliced bananas.


Lemon Poppyseed

By the time spring rolls around, we could all use a little freshening up. So, at your breakfast table, try welcoming the season with a kicky combo of lemon and poppyseed. Start by spooning two teaspoons of poppyseeds into your pancake batter. Then scoop store bought lemon curd—Bonne Maman is always a good bet—into a small saucepan or microwave safe bowl along with a generous splash of water. Warm the curd, stirring often, until the mixture loosens. Then pile up a stack and start drizzling!

Strawberries and Cream

Nothing says springtime in the South like a pint of a sweet juicy strawberries. That’s why we love dressing up our pancakes with Blackberry Patch’s premium strawberry syrup. Made in small batches in Thomasville, Georgia from nothing but real fruit, lemon juice, and cane sugar, it’s sure to give your old maple syrup some serious competition. Want to give your family a real treat? Pair it with a scoopful of whipped cream.


Peaches and Almonds

Feeling peachy? With a plate of pancakes topped with fresh summer fruit and crunchy nuts, how could you not? Try smearing your stack with sweet butter and homestyle peach jam—we’re big fans of the Texas Peach Preserves made by Confituras in Austin, Texas—along with slices of fresh peaches and toasted, slivered almonds.

Blackberries and Honey

When summer fruit is big at the farmers market, treat yourself to a couple of pints of juicy blackberries and simmer them down with heaping spoonful of honey until they’re sweet and syrupy and jammy. Trust us, you’ll want to spoon them over your pancakes—and waffles, and toast, and just about everything else!


Pumpkin Spice

There’s nothing more comforting that the warm scent of cinnamon and nutmeg—and come fall, there’s no such thing as too much pumpkin spice! That’s why we like to spread a little pumpkin butter between the layers of our pancake stack before finishing it off with a flurry of cinnamon and confectioners’ sugar.

Pineapple and Banana (Hummingbird Cake)

When the weather turns cool, everyone craves a little indulgence. So why not turn breakfast into dessert by giving your pancakes the hummingbird cake treatment? Start with a drizzle of pineapple syrup (or pineapple jam that’s been warmed until runny) and finish with sliced bananas. A drizzle of cream cheese icing wouldn’t be out of place, either!