When it comes to baking, it all starts with the flour. From traditional flour that helps you create light and fluffy baked goods, to premium flour blends that let you reinvent classic dishes again and again, White Lily® will change your baking for the better.

Milled from 100% soft red winter wheat, our traditional flour ensures that your Southern biscuits bake up fluffy, flaky, and full of flavor every time.

The lower protein content in our flour creates a higher rise in baked goods, which means your cookies will stay perfectly soft and fluffy.

Because White Lily Flour is finer in texture than others, it creates a light, airy crumb structure in cakes - making them tall, tender, and moist.

Discover the Difference Yourself

When you start with White Lily Flour, the delicious possibilities are endless. Bake something inspired today. 

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