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White Lily

Sally Lunn Bread


30 min


30 min


24 slices


1 pkg. active dry yeast 2 large eggs
1/4 cup warm water (105° to 115°F) 1 tsp. salt
1/2 cup sugar 3 3/4 cups White Lily® Enriched Unbleached Bread Flour
2 tbsps. Crisco® All-Vegetable Shortening 1 cup warm milk (105 to 115°F)
OR 2 tbsps. Crisco® Baking Sticks All-Vegetable Shortening Crisco® Original No-Stick Cooking Spray


  1. 1.
    STIR together yeast and warm water until dissolved.

  2. 2.
    BEAT sugar and shortening in large bowl with electric mixer until blended. Beat in eggs and salt. Stir in 1 1/2 cups flour; beat 3 minutes on high speed. Stir in milk and softened yeast, mixing well. Add remaining flour; beat 1 minute on high speed. Cover bowl. Let dough rise in warm place until doubled in size, about 1 hour.

  3. 3.
    COAT a 10-inch fluted tube pan with no-stick cooking spray. Stir down batter and spoon evenly into prepared pan. Cover and let rise again until double in size, 30 to 45 minutes.

  4. 4.
    HEAT oven to 325°F. Bake 10 minutes. Increase oven temperature to 375°F. Bake an additional 20 minutes. Remove bread from pan to cooling rack. Serve warm or cool.