Cornbread & Grits


  • Do not beat batter until smooth. Over-mixing will result in corn bread that is peaked on top with a tough heavy texture.
  • For a crisp crust on basic corn bread or corn sticks, preheat a greased skillet or corn stick pan before filling with batter.
  • Great Southern cornbread is soft and moist on the inside with a deep golden brown crust on the outside. The three requirements for perfect Southern cornbread are: 1. Good Southern corn meal. 2. Creamy, pourable batter, like thick pancake batter. 3. Hot, cast-iron cookware.
  • The secret to great Southern cornbread is a well-seasoned cast-iron pan. "Seasoning" gives iron cookware its smooth, natural non-stick finish. It takes a little time and care, but good cornbread is worth it.


  • Grits are related to corn meal, since both are made from dried corn. Grits are just more coarsely ground than corn meal.
  • White grits made from white corn are the most familiar; however, yellow grits made from yellow corn are also available.
  • Whole ground grits are made by grinding the whole corn kernel, including the bran, germ and hard starchy endosperm.
  • Quick and regular grits, the two most popular types, cook much more quickly. They're made by tempering dried corn, removing the brand and germ, then grinding the hard starchy endosperm.
  • Instant grits are cooked and dehydrated before packaging and are prepared by adding hot water.